Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga the Witch loves equally the fearsome wolf and the timid rabbit.  What she cannot abide is the impure of heart.  Yes, she is an eccentric, flirtatious and very disreputable old lady, but she is also a very hard worker.  Fierce and passionate, she sees the shining soul of every single thing, be it a bird, a broom, a snake, a cloud or a bone.    She is the centre of an entire enchanted world.  She is the wise  and just keeper of the Water of Life and Death.



  1. Captain Wolf

    J’adore ce personnage, elle est très fascinante.
    Et ta représentation est superbe. Je remarque qu’elle a un balai de marque très connu ^^

    1. Kundry

      Hé!hé! et oui! Il etait en solde ;-)…

      1. Captain Wolf

        Elle a bien eu raison d’en profiter ^^

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