The Witch Diorama

This is a diorama I made for a dear friend of mine. I used watercolours on mixed media paper. What took the longest was the making of her Magical Grimoire. Even with a very good instruction book about pop-ups, it took me a while to work it out.  I absolutely loved doing that, I could spend my days cutting bits and painting them, but it’s a serious strain on the hands. Maybe, I’ll consider buying a cutting machine one day, but not for now. In the meantime, this is great fun!


  1. Jo

    wow that is just Amazing, Dear Kundry! I have no idea how you can make such intricate beautiful artworks. I love the cat at the end of the book!
    sending lots of love and hugs to you, Jo xxx

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, dear Jo! I’m glad you liked it!
      Warm hugs to you!

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