I live in many places…

I finally finished the big painting I had started… in December! A huge amount of work went into it. I love panoramas. I’m tempted to add more panels, extend and explore this snowy town. Maybe I will. But not now. Four months spent on one single painting is just a tad too long! The music is Gracelight by Nick Hollywell walker.

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  1. jo

    Oh the Cat! The Cat! and the Loki Like Dog. The friendly Lady. The woman serving at Blissful Bites who looks a bit like you and the punk boy who loves her. the mask on the tea room wall. too beautiful. 4 months might be a long time but the result, dear Kundry, so worth it. the colours are stunning. Paul and i just watched it together after a long day and we breathed and relaxed. THANK YOU. you are just amazing. love and hugs, jo(&paul) xxx

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, dear Jo! And Paul! Yes, Loki is always staying nearby, I still miss him so much. Love and Hugs!

  2. the Tardis Girl

    C’est merveilleux ! Il y a tellement de détails à admirer !
    Le chien de la femme blonde, c’est Loki, n’est-ce pas ? Le manteau de cette femme est beau à tomber d’ailleurs !

    1. Kundry

      Merci Tardis Girl! Oui, c’est bien Loki! Il me tient compagnie, toujours, et quelquefois s’immisce dans mes peintures. C’est le manteau patchwork que j’adorerais me faire, si seulement j’avais plus de temps!

      1. the Tardis Girl

        Waouh ! J’espère que tu auras le temps un jour du coup, parce qu’il est trop trop beau !

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