Elks in the Mist

Now… I’ve been thinking  about the handmade book I wanted to make, drafting ideas for hours and I finally had my Eureka moment. I’m not going to make a handmade book, not enough space on my altar and the format is just too small, it would be too frustrating. Dioramas too would be just too big to fit in these little boxes of my altar. BUT I remembered I had great fun making scrapbook loaded envelopes and they could fit! I could even make a pile of them and display them in turn. There are some fantastic themes I want to work on, I feel so inspired. I think it’s the right solution for my type of creativity, it won’t be too frustrating (but still a bit because a bigger format would be more comfortable) and it reminds me of the exciting surprise pouches from my childhood.
I’m going to have so much fun!!!
I finished the draft for my first “loaded envelope”, it’s a bit more elaborate than what I had planned, but it is still just a draft. The final creation with inks and watercolours will be quite different, more textured with a few splashes here and there, otherwise where would be the fun in that. I will also have to make it small, quite the challenge.
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And these are some of the drafts for what will become now a little animation.
I had a very nice dream, I was interviewed for a job in a cinema. The fact that I was not familiar with the techniques didn’t matter. They were looking for someone who was also able to interpret the artsy movies they were showing, someone who had the key “password” and they were very interested in me. The truth is that nobody else had applied. It was run by a very nice family. This sounds like a job as my own dreams interpreter. I wouldn’t let anyone else interpret them anyway.
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This morning, in the kitchen, I was contemplating the fog lit by the sun, it was superb, and then I faced the other window and there on a foggy background stood an elk. It was eerie. He didn’t move. It took me a few seconds to comprehend what I was looking at. I took a little video but they are hard to see behind the trees. Two of them!

Although they were completely silent, the girls found them out and barked madly at them from the bedroom window.

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The best girls in the world!

The snow is receding very fast now.

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  1. jo

    such a beautiful post, dear Kundry. the water looks so enticing (but i know it is cold!) hope we get to see it soon. love to you, jo xxx

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, dear Jo! The draft with the spirits on the bridge is my favourite one. It’s inspired by the Japanese procession of Yokai/spirits, the Hyakki Yagyo, a very liminal parade of troublemakers. Hugs

  2. the Tardis Girl

    C’est merveilleux de pouvoir regarder par la fenêtre et avoir ce genre de surprise ! Moi tout ce que je peux voir, ce sont les chats des voisins ^^

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