Imagination is a Wild Beast

Imagination is a wild beast. It is also a Wise Beast. It is not in the mind, it’s in the Soul. It is not like the mind, it is magical.
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I received my DK book about knitting, the single book I will have on the topic since I’m not planning to do any of what is shown here, because I will stick to the plain knit stitch, not even a single purl. I wanted to have an overview of all I’m going to miss out and frankly, I feel relieved, this is too complicated for me. I found a great website where you can customise absolutely everything in your knitting pattern, even the stitch you want to use (stubbornly). I think the instructions will be fairly simple. I adore my infinity scarf, it’s like painting. But still a long way to go!

It’s been snowing on the mountain tops but the permanent light makes up for the cold and although spring comes quite late here, everything grows so quickly. We’re already coming close to the summer solstice…

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While reorganising stuff around the house, I came across a collar I had woven with hand-dyed mohair locks. I love forgetting about little treasures like this and rediscovering them. The knitted shawl is a present from a dear friend of mine.

The other day, I saw the elks from a few weeks ago stand just a few meters from my window. The girls went berserk of course. They were looking at us, intrigued, it was almost like they were spying on us. They’re super cute with their rounded snout and soft button eyes, a bit cartoonish. I think they’re two youngsters. And today, I went for long walk with my girls. We met two elks who were waiting to cross the road, I stopped for them. They looked suspiciously like “my” elks. The girls barked at them nonetheless. We walked along a running stream. I love streams and waterfalls. I like to think that it is the water of life and some of it, the best moments of my life, rush down crevices, straight into the underworld where it becomes an elixir or transforms into gold in a beautiful otherworldly chamber where I shall dwell in between two reckless adventures when I’ll be dead, while the rest of the water of my life, the sad feelings, just rush past me to be recycled and purified. I believe we are constantly preparing for the Afterlife, storing good things, beautiful vibes, and dear friends, for the long and exciting journey.

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