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The Arrival



I had the hardest time trying to finish this painting because of all these tiny houses. Every time I finish painting this sort of city, I think “never again”, but then I can’t resist the temptation for too long. I never learn…

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Green Man

I dreamt of Green Man. I wanted to organize a party and needed some French beans, so I went to see him and he was very intense and powerful, quite attractive too. We waltzed around and beans started to grow from his head, like beautiful green hair. He gave them to me and I managed to convince him to come to my party. Back home, I had so much trouble preparing enough food for everybody, the supplies had to be endless, the preparation time too. There was so little fun in it, it was so factory like that I wondered if these few guests were worth all the trouble. I decided to keep the human scale and have a simple and sober buffet instead. Nothing too ambitious.

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Yule Witch



This is actually my second attempt at digital painting.  This is my version of Christmas. I have a deep distrust of any anthropocentric religion. I am also an anti-specist. Actually, I’m quite misanthropic and I have no problem with that. Animals are GOD. Animals are just… AWESOME!

By the way, Yule, for those who don’t know, is an old pagan celebration. It coincides with the winter solstice which is around the 21st of December. It was so huge that in the 4th century the  church decreed that the birth of Christ should be celebrated around that time so as to supplant the old pagan customs.

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I really loved playing in an unusual way with composition here. This creates a dreamlike atmosphere. Something is happening here but I’m not allowed to speak about it. It would spoil it all. Shhhh…

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