Welcome to my Inner World. I am a French self-taught artist, and these past twenty years I have made Norway my home. Moving to the Lofoten islands was the greatest present I ever made to myself and the Arctic landscapes are indeed a true treat for any artist’s eyes. I live with my British soulmate,… Continue Reading

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Baba Yaga

I dreamed last night I had a house in the forest and close to mine, was another house belonging to a friend I’ve been knowing for over 20 years. We hugged, so happy to meet again. We went for a walk, very excited because it was also close to Samhain. She told me that Marilyn Manson wrote some very nice things about me. We arrived to a sort of fair where everything became in clay, and I was rearranging the market to my taste like a mandala. And then I wanted to come back home but I lost my way. I found myself in a huge mansion where everything was renovated but empty. I found a door to come out and none other than Baba Yaga herself was here to lead me back to the forest :-)! She had come to rescue me and we walked together on the paths of the forest!

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Watching me

I dreamt I lived in a huge house in Polynesia. One of the rooms had a big bay window with a view on a tropical garden but most amazing was that on the other side of the glass was a natural pond connected to the sea and I could see under the surface squids and octopus. I sat down and with tears of joy watched them swimming, watching me…

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Flow of Dreams

Gentle flow of dreams pulsing through the fabric of life, where will you take me tonight? Give me a pillow where I can let all my worries sink as my soul takes flight,
past the gate and across Wonderland, into the very deep intimacy of the Unknown, the secretive, all-knowing mystery…


I dreamt of David Bowie last night. I was amongst some female fans (I stopped being a fan some 20 years ago) at a concert and Bowie had a particular way of moving on stage, on some wheeled skis, to save his health. We followed him backstage along a road (sic) and entered with him a building. In a room, we sat around him and talked for a while, until he asked “Remind me which association you’re part of?”. Slightly embarrassed by the fact he hadn’t realised yet we were fans, there was a pause before one of us answered we were healers. He believed us and asked what it consisted of. I replied it was about magnetism. He seemed interested and the conversation went on for a while. We were starting to think that Bowie was really cool to reveal so much about himself when suddenly he said out of the blue :

-“You do realise that now I’ll have to kill you?”

Meaning we probably knew too much about him. We hold our breath. And in that instant, I wish I had a camera to capture the look in our faces. Fortunately, Bowie said he was just pulling our legs. We all laughed with relief.

The funny thing is that according to my companion, this morning, Bowie likes to pull people’s legs permanently and I was not aware of that.

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