Welcome to my Inner World. I am a French self-taught artist, and these past twenty years I have made Norway my home. Moving to the Lofoten islands was the greatest present I ever made to myself and the Arctic landscapes are indeed a true treat for any artist’s eyes. I live with my British soulmate,… Continue Reading

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I love you

I dreamt I had a male mouse and he was in his cage but I was letting him wander in the house as often as it pleased him, his door remaining opened at all time. The mouse was speaking to me and I was replying, we were like the best friends in the world and he was for me a sort of guardian. Then, I was in a fantastic city, a fairy tale city and there was an army of daimons entering the city. We had to stop them because they were far too turbulent, and they had declared war, they were very hostile. On the bridge, my mouse stood facing them, walking towards them, fearless, a smile on his lips. My mouse had transformed into an handsome Hindu prince. I shouted “Stop! You’re going to be slaughtered!” and the army looked at me and said “He doesn’t understand this language, find something else to stop him”. So then I shouted “I love you! I love you!” and my voice seemed to carry very far until the edge of the universe. The prince stopped and looked at me, smiling. The army too was smiling, because I had found the right words…
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The Giantess

Dreamt that I was in the shower with a Giantess. She was of a Nordic type, very beautiful and imposing. We showered together and from the corner of my eye, I admired her beauty. After turning the tap off and as we were ready to get out, she said to me “Wait, I haven’t seen you yet, let me look at you. I am so imposing and you are so small that you must climb on this ledge so that I can see you entirely”. A bit intimidated, I climb on the ledge and she says to me “So beautiful you are!”. And then I become very proud of my nudity.

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The Gift

I was walking around a lake. In spite of the night, the grass was green, kind of phosphorescent. I met a young girl and followed her to a big house which was perhaps an hotel. She explained to me that people avoided her, they were afraid of her because she had a very special gift, she could see through the veil into the Other World. She asked me if I wanted her to show me how. Full of apprehension, I accepted. There was a big door and right under my eyes, the door opened so slowly as to make the suspens last. And framed in the door stood many semi-transparent beings and all of them waved at me in slow motion with a big smile on their faces.

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Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier

From School Library Journal
Starred Review. Grade 8 Up—This riveting story about 16-year-old Jenica; her pet frog, Gogu; and her four sisters takes place between the fairy world and the family’s Romanian estate of Piscul Dracului. When the girls were young, they discovered a mysterious portal that appears every full moon and allows them access to the Dancing Glade in the Other Kingdom. They dress in the finest gowns and spend all night dancing with a host of bizarre and enchanting fairy creatures. Unfortunately, the girls’ simple and carefree lives change drastically when their father becomes ill and must spend the winter in the milder climate of Constanta. Jenica takes charge of the estate and the family’s merchant business but their overbearing, power-hungry cousin, Cezar, interferes with their affairs and questions the sisters’ knowledge of the Other Kingdom. As he tightens the noose around them, everything Jenica has come to love-her sisters, her frog, her home, and the Dancing Glade-is in jeopardy. To make matters worse, her sister Tatiana has fallen in love with one of the mysterious and feared Night people. This relationship is doomed from the start and it is up to Jenica to make things right-but to do so she will be put to the ultimate test. Strong characters, two fully realized settings, and a fast-moving plot guarantee that readers will be spellbound by this page-turner.—Donna Rosenblum, Nassau Boces School Library System, NY
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From Booklist
On the night of each full moon, the five Transylvanian sisters who reside in the castle Piscul Dracului don their finest gowns. They raise their hands to create shadows against the wall, opening a portal to the Other Kingdom, where they will dance the night away with all manner of fantastical creatures. After nine years of full moons spent in delightful revelry, dark forces, both human and otherworldly, arise to encroach upon the sisters’ happiness. Told by Jena, the second oldest sister, this detailed and mood-rich story covers much territory, both mundane and magical. Adult fantasy writer Marillier has uniquely reimagined and blended an assortment of well-known tales and characters–including fairies, dwarves, witches, vampires, and a frog who is more than he seems–into a compelling whole in her first book for teens. By the end, all are cleverly bound together, and a mystery is solved. With much to say about human nature and choice, not unlike the moral in fairy tales of old, this will be a hit with older teen readers, especially girls. Holly Koelling
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