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A Spinning Wheel

A spinning wheel is on its way. It’s a modern one, not the fairy tale kind, but it’s really good to make art yarns (fantasy yarn) and what attracted me was also the possibility to paint it. The wheel itself is flat, it doesn’t have any spoke. Today I’ve been drafting a mandala for my wheel. It’d be nice to see it turn. I will paint it with oils and add a bit of glitter which will sparkle when turning.

This is just a quick draft of what I plan to do:

My Second Art Batt

I had tremendous fun carding my second art batt. Now I feel really tempted to buy a spinning wheel at once. I finished two woven fabrics, I need to sew them on and make some clothes and I’m not looking forward to it. But things should go much better now that I have a solid pattern which actually fits me. I made a beautiful wooly lately, I must take pictures.




I took my girls to Vik’s white sand beach for the first time and they LOVED it. They were totally ecstatic as soon as they stepped on the fine sand.

And a few photos taken a month ago:

A Napping Dragon

I glazed a round tile which didn’t turn out harmonious, it’s a bit of a mess, but I like this bit very much. I’m going to reprint my texture and perhaps use this combination only, Oatmeal over Textured Turquoise.

My latest lantern, a napping dragon with trees and little houses on its back.

Glaze info, click on the thumbnails: