Gorgeous Light

I love this beautiful little tree, it carries proudly its yellow leaves like some precious golden coins. All the trees around seem to make space for this little bold and wealthy tree.

Frost and ice have arrived, and even snow on some of the tallest mountain peaks. It is cosy to light candles and lanterns in the evening. Soon, it will be almost holidays for me (I’ll still have to work a little bit). I’m really looking forward to painting to my heart’s content. I’m planning to paint little decorative panels for all my little altars, probably cut-outs. 


This a 100% mohair carded batt. I dyed the beautiful fibers first (from a bag of very curly locks). I’m so eager to spin this, it is really stunning and  incredibly soft.

Autumn is progressing very fast. There was a lot of frost this morning. In some places, it didn’t melt at all. The sun is now quite low.

Autumn Magic

I found the perfect tree, isn’t it lovely? It’s now getting much darker and the leaves are falling very fast. The right atmosphere for looking forward to Halloween.

New Design

As I redesigned my Home, I also redesigned my blog, although the latter was so much more complicated, it was a steep learning curve and it took me two weeks of intense mind wrenching, BUT it is done at last! And I’m going to experiment with these new possibilities in a creative project. But more about this later.

I also added the possibility to suscribe to my blog at the bottom of the homepage on the right hand side , you can enter your email address and you’ll get a notification when I publish a new post. There is also a good old fashionned guestbook where you can leave a comment. I love these vintage things.

I finished a forest green scarf for a very gentle soul. I dyed all the yarns and spun half of them. It’s very soft and warm. Like being hugged by a kind spirit of the woods.

I realise I haven’t posted any photos at all of my walks since August. Because I didn’t take any. There has been a very dangerous epidemic that has affected dogs in Norway, killing many of them. The veterinary Institute still doesn’t know what precisely is causing all these deaths. So, I left my camera at home all this time in order to get full control of what my girls were doing, making sure they were not putting their nose on something unsavoury. The outburst has now subsided but I’m still wary.

Today, I had to take pictures, autumn is at its peak, and its most gorgeous. Now, exactly now, is my favourite part of the year.

Autumn Coat

Soon will ferns and horsetails wither, but I saw my first stars last night and the moon was shining. I saw a red fox today. He seemed to pose for my camera but I think he was very intrigued by the girls.   And a video of the woods:

The Artists’ Home

This new painting has been dragging on for a few months. I forced myself to finish it, I had lost the connection. This happens especially at summertime when I'm alienated by my full time job. But in one month, things will be a bit quieter (but not entirely), I'm so looking forward to it, to going back to unrestricted creativity and to being simply me without having to deal with people's unrealistic, crazy and unfair expectations.     Another painting of the Blue Hour, my favourite time of the day. I missed the Blue Hour, all these months from April to August. Now it is coming back and with it, a few stars at midnight and of course the Northern Lights. To prepare for this delightful return to normal life, I did quite a lot of work on my home, repainting furniture in a shabby chic style, weaving blankets,  reorganising my impressive stash of yarns, painting with oils a fresco I will fix on a wall. I am now more than ready to turn my back on the very shallow and brainwashed people I have to smile to every day. I've been feeling drained for quite a while now. This is a video I took one month ago. Now, autumn has come, my favourite season. There will surely be more photos and videos from now on.