After nearly two weeks of very bad weather, the sun is back and autumn is displaying its numerous enchantments. This is delightful. The perfect season to read again the Spook’s Apprentice series.

The girls got new coats:

And I finished spinning the violet yarn for a new sweater:

I discovered a new passion for encyclopedias. I particularly enjoy the DK series. Here are samples of them:

A Cosy Storm

Very strong gusts on Lofoten. A perfect day to receive a few encyclopedias. They are my new passion. Today, after having made myself a nice cup of tea accompanied by a little bowl of cooked apples topped with chocolate rum ice cream, I opened the first of the pile, a history of magic and witchcraft. It doesn’t get better than that. 


Autumn is here and everywhere is a delight for the eyes. This is my favourite moment in the year.