Time flies and I haven’t posted my photos for a long while. There has been more and more snow every week and temperatures as low as -6 degrees. You can see the progression on the pictures.

My Beloved has made a delicious apricot and amaretto white chocolate ganache tart. 

The King and Queen

Today, I saw two magnificent sea eagles during my walk. Of course, my dogs are always on a leash, not only because they have a tendancy to try eating more or less everything they find but also because they are prey.

Nearly all the leaves have fallen now. It’s getting colder and snow might come soon. This is why Pixie and Lucy are now wearing their little coats.

Gorgeous Light

I love this beautiful little tree, it carries proudly its yellow leaves like some precious golden coins. All the trees around seem to make space for this little bold and wealthy tree.

Frost and ice have arrived, and even snow on some of the tallest mountain peaks. It is cosy to light candles and lanterns in the evening. Soon, it will be almost holidays for me (I’ll still have to work a little bit). I’m really looking forward to painting to my heart’s content. I’m planning to paint little decorative panels for all my little altars, probably cut-outs.