A Blanket Like a Hug

Autumn is here and is advancing pretty fast. I take in all the details, savouring this all too short season.

I made a blanket for Lucy, since she is sensitive to the cold. Teal is her favourite colour. It rather suits her coat, doesn’t it? It was instant success. But I found out Pixie likes it too, she lies on it when Lucy’s not around. Maybe I’ll make one for her too (purple, her favourite colour).

Web of Creativity

These days, I’m progressively going back to my creative life, I have two murals in progress, a lot of beautiful carded batts to spin and I started weaving again, a gorgeous little blanket for Lucy. I’m spinning to make to myself a jumper, but I would also like to weave covers for a few cushions. And of course, there is also the digital painting. 

Towards the End of Summer

Berries are here and the heather is in bloom.