Yule Vibes

I hope you’re all having a magical time preparing for the end of the year’s celebrations. My Yule lanterns are lit, and many, many other lights. I love this time of the year. When the sun is just lurking below the horizon, it feels like still being in the world, but not quite. The sun has forgotten to rise on Lofoten, and the tourists have fled. But you know what? It’s just as well… Here we are in this dark forsaken place, just me, a few discreet neighbours and the mountains, it feels very intimate, very special. Like being between two worlds. A cosy respite from all the madness in the world in this very, very secret place.

Polar Night

Stormy weather can be so cosy! I drove back from Reine in the blizzard with some very cool music. The waves were big in Utakleiv and it was difficult to stand on my feet.

I also carded a lot of my hand-dyed wool for a Christmas workshop for kids:, they learned to weave a little blanket for the Christmas Pixie, Julenissen, to hang on the Christmas tree: big success!

A Gorgeous Day

The icicles hanging from the roof get longer every day. I feel blessed with all these wintery sparkling wonders.