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This new painting has been dragging on for a few months. I forced myself to finish it, I had lost the connection. This happens especially at summertime when I’m alienated by my full time job. But in one month, things will be a bit quieter (but not entirely), I’m so looking forward to it, to going back to unrestricted creativity and to being simply me without having to deal with people’s unrealistic, crazy and unfair expectations.



Another painting of the Blue Hour, my favourite time of the day. I missed the Blue Hour, all these months from April to August. Now it is coming back and with it, a few stars at midnight and of course the Northern Lights.

To prepare for this delightful return to normal life, I did quite a lot of work on my home, repainting furniture in a shabby chic style, weaving blankets,  reorganising my impressive stash of yarns, painting with oils a fresco I will fix on a wall. I am now more than ready to turn my back on the very shallow and brainwashed people I have to smile to every day. I’ve been feeling drained for quite a while now.

This is a video I took one month ago. Now, autumn has come, my favourite season. There will surely be more photos and videos from now on.

A Tea Room

I’ve added a new painting on the page of the Oracle Card, Seaside Town:

The Castle of Melusine

The Castle of Melusine

In the Castle of Melusine, you are among friends. Melusine is the beneficent patroness of all those who love doing what they have set their hearts upon, in spite of being misunderstood, ignored or ostracised. It doesn’t matter that some frown upon the serpent’s tail she conceals when outside the Castle’s sheltering walls. It doesn’t matter if her children are misshapen or have more than two eyes. Melusine is generous in all that she does, and her heart brims with love for her children and her creations. She builds castles to provide a haven for all the creative souls who are neither supported nor encouraged in their quest. Melusine welcomes them all. In Melusine’s castle, ordinary time stands still to allow unfettered quality time with yourself, your loved ones and all the precious things you love doing, in harmony and tranquility.

Seaside Town

Will your heart allow you to enjoy to the fullest all the cosy delights of this seaside town? Or is your heart too burdened by defeat for a peaceful stroll along the shore? This is always the question: is this helpful? Is whatever you’re doing or thinking helping you get the best out of life? At the root of all fulfilment, there was help. Sometimes it was help from others, but always and most importantly, you helped your Self. You have the inner resources and necessary wisdom to be a source of help to your Self at all times. You only need to ask.

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