A Troll Hat

This is a Troll hat I made for Halloween, it’s basically a paper diorama representing a landscape since trolls are a personification of Nature. It’s made of paper, painted with watercolours and there are 4 electric tealights. I don’t think I’ll be able to run with it, but that’s allright, since trolls are supposed to be slow.

A Magical Garden

Summertime is when I work the most, therefore it gets very tricky to find the time and energy to paint. It happens quite often I manage to paint just a few hours here and there on a painting only to give up after a few weeks because the vision is gone and I lost the connection with what I had in mind. This year, though, I’ve changed my approach. I’ve been working on some very small projects which take only a few hours to complete, so there is less frustration. I’m in the process of creating libraries of elements which I can incorporate in a composition. I’m planning to make several libraries, for plants, creatures, and so many other topics I particularly enjoy painting. No pressure, no stress, only playful creativity. I’m enjoying this immensely. This is an example of a quick composition with what I already have:   

Let the Journey Begin

I’ve been working for two months on this painting. It’s the beginning of a new adventure, a new journey.

It was fun!

Here are some close-ups (click to enlarge):


Summertime is here!

With a few rainy days in between…

Lucy on a rainy day:

Troll Mother

Still having fun with handmade stationery. Here is one I customised into a Troll. The excerpt is from a Swedish fairy tale :

These photos were taken these two past weeks. The weather is now really fine. No more snow (but it was still snowing yesterday)

A Faery Glass

Keeping on with the idea of scrapbooking. This is a “pocket” for a Faery Glass, the kind of magical object that allows you to see the Faery Folk when you look through it. You can also open the window.

Now, I’m going to work with digital painting on similar ideas, a cross between scrapbooking, art journal and cabinet of curiosity. I am brimming with inspiration, you have no idea…

Scrapbooked Letter

It was 8 degrees today! It feels like snow weather is now over. Spring is in the air. But no green trees before the end of May (maybe even June). Meanwhile, it is so nice to see colours again, the rich textures of rock and moss. During my walk, I found a heart of moss at my feet. It was totally by itself, obviously carried here by a recent storm, so I picked it up. That’s what you do with lonely hearts.  

I finished my first “Scrapbooked” letter ever and had immense fun creating it. It’s in response to a beautiful hand-crafted letter from one of my penpals. I love this kind of exchange. I’ll be certainly putting a lot of work in my penpalling in the future. I’ve got so many ideas…