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Morozko, or Father Frost, is the Spirit of Winter. In the dark period he makes everything sparkle with frost and snow flakes. He is glamouring beauty. And the colder it is, the more sparkling. That’s the faerie of wintertime. Everything has a bright side. Later on, Saint Nicolas took over, the Russian patron saint of children… and prostitutes. And then Father Christmas. But the true and only one is Morozko. He’s not nice to all, it’s conditional. As it should be.

Morozko Fairy Tale:

Once there lived an old widower and his daughter. In due time, the man remarried to an older woman who had a daughter herself from a previous marriage. The woman doted on her own daughter, praising her at every opportunity, but she despised her stepdaughter
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This is my own vision of the Seelie and the Unseelie Courts. I couldn’t say, though, which side is Seelie or Unseelie because they both in their own way carry something of the trickster, but in a different fashion. This is perhaps my favourite painting so far, I love these characters, each of them means a lot to me. There are two different tribes and here I am in the middle, enraptured.  I pictured two musical instruments, the flute for its playfulness and the violin for its passion.  These tell a lot about the nature of each of the tribes. I’m wearing red, which is the color of sacrifice, but here I am the offering. I serve both sides.

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The Staff



Another shaman with a “Green Man” in the the foliage. I have a special connection to runes.

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The Vouivre and the Gypsy



I’m very fond of everything that has to do with gypsies. I often dream of “my people” and they’re invariably gypsies. I truly have no idea whether or not I have some gypsy ancestry, and actually I don’t think blood or genes matter, the most powerful link is the one that takes place in the soul. And in my soul, I’m a goddamn’ gypsy!

I also love geese. I always feel moved when I see them flying back to the south of Europe, leaving the Arctic where they spent the summer, I always hope that all of them will make it. There is a wonderful book by Swedish author Selma Lagerlof,  “The Wonderful Journey of Nils Holgersson” which follows the flocks of wild geese in their migration. It’s one of the most wonderful books with talking animals (I love the genre).

The Vouivre is one of my favorite nature spirits. She inspired the figure of the French Melusina, who is a crafty builder and protector of homes. I can completely relate to her because she partakes of several realms, water and earth (with her tail) and air (with the wings).

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