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Felted Dragon

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It’s mostly wet felted without soap. I used the needle to mess up the fibers a bit, finished by rubbing with wet fingers (without soap) and plastic film, and touched up here and there with the needle. I like the finished aspect. I think he’s young, he looks very innocent. I will feel sad to see him go if I manage to sell him on Etsy. I hope he’ll find a nice home.








Compère Renard

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I received my AddiQuick and it does help to go a bit faster. It’s also quite scary because it stabs 2500 times a minut. But I use it in combo with my manual needle of course and it makes my life easier. It took me a full day to complete this brooch which is about 13 cm high.



I love foxes!

Pixie and his Magical Wand

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Do you believe in Pixie Magic? I do. This one threw some of his pixie dust right into my eyes, and said:
“I cast a spell on you,
Forget yourself and make room for the vision,
Beauty and Soul reach your heart,
Look and be silent as a still lake”

And I looked, and looked but I was not aware of looking any longer. In fact, I was not aware of myself at all. There was room only for the language of the Soul, the whole world had become a haiku. That’s deep enchantment indeed…

This very wise pixie has been needle felted and enhanced with beads, sequins and embroidery. He’ll be in my Etsy shop very soon.






Pixie and his Leaf Boat

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I’ve just added my first physical item to my Etsy store. This took me at least 10 working days to create. I hope he will find a nice home.
It’s wet felted and needle felted, embroidered and decorated with beads, tinsel and sequins. This little chap is a great traveller, a real and daring adventurer. He is fearless but not brainless. He’s just in tune with Life’s extravagant beauty and diversity.