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Goblin, Giant Mug and Altar

Potter’s Choice and Terracolor Tiles

Don’t know what happened with the Terracolor glazes, I’m sure I did everything right. Maybe they behave only on smooth surfaces. Surely when you look at sample tiles here and there on the net, these are never applied on reliefs. But then, what’s the point of having a glaze (several!) which don’t like carvings???!

Pas sûre de savoir ce qui s’est passé avec les glaçures Terracolor, je suis sûre d’avoir tout fait bien. Peut-être se comportent-elles correctement seulement sur les surfaces lisses. Sûrement, lorsqu’on voit des exemples sur le net, celles-ci ne sont jamais appliquées sur des ciselures. Mais alors, quel est l’intérêt d’avoir une (plusieurs!) glaçures qui n’aiment pas les sculptures???!


Potter’s Choice Glazes

I love them! Fresh samples straight from my kiln. Applied with a sponge (which is for me the best method).

Ulrick the Goblin

Traduction Française ici
That’s his name. I hope Barbara won’t mind . This is my first needle felting experience, I had done a bit of wet felting last year and I promised myself to try this craft once more in depth. To dress this little goblin, I can’t believe I actually learned to knit and embroider. Normally I have no patience with needles. But I was swept from my feet right into a whirlwind of creativity, and it felt wonderful. And who would have thought that goblins could be fashion victims ? It’s like felt and embroidery belong together.

Once again, I broke some rules and mixed the two techniques, wet felting and needle felting. Wet felting goes much faster but the needle is better for details. Overall, I found needle felting really time consuming and very difficult, especially when it comes to faces. I’m surprised I managed to get rid of all the poke marks.  I found out that past a certain stage, it was better to cut all the fuzzies with some small scissors.

I’m eager to keep on the felting adventure but I have to finish first the painting I’m working on. And there is also the ceramic of course.

ulrick ulrick2 ulrick3
A special thank you to Lune for giving me a starter kit !