Welcome to my Inner World. I am a French self-taught artist, and these past twenty years I have made Norway my home. Moving to the Lofoten islands was the greatest present I ever made to myself and the Arctic landscapes are indeed a true treat for any artist’s eyes. I live with my British soulmate,… Continue Reading

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On the whale’s back

I dreamed my companion and I wanted to travel around the world in a sailing boat, just the two of us, no crew. I was looking perplexed at all the riggings and stuff, it all looked very complicated but I had no doubt we would eventually manage. As a kind of training, we entered into the water and there was a whale which invited us on her back. She took us for a ride amongst dolphins, other whales and big sharks (was not afraid), it was fabulous. Then a big wave came and the whale had to go under the surface. I was swept into a dry cave. It was a garden of sculptures, with altars here and there covered with crystals, some looked like mushrooms. A sacred place…

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Room of Requirement

I dreamed that I had invited a few friends in my… bedroom, which is tiny and is also my workshop. It’s a bit like living in a cupboard, the Narnia type and I mean it for real. The funny thing is that we even had room to dance. The room was like the room of requirements in Harry Potter, getting as big as the number of people required.

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I had a wonderful dream last night, I was aboard a ship and arrived to the Galapagos islands. God, the beauty of the place was so breathtaking. It was tropical but also extremely dramatic with all these jagged reefs amidst the white sand beaches and the milky turquoise waters. I decided to bathe and the water was warm with some cold undercurrents. The night had fallen and the full moon shone on this labyrinthic archipelago and I noticed something absolutely wondrous. Since in my dream, the Galapagos were very close to Antarctica, there was ice covering the rocks where it was in contact with the water. The ice took different colors as it reflected the moonlight. The place was at the crossroad of two different worlds, polar and tropical. Everything was saturated with magic. It’s one of the most enchanted places I ever visited in dreams.

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I dreamed that I was bathing in a tropical place and when I came out of the water, I looked at myself and noticed I had a really dark (unnatural) sun tan all over my body, my skin was like leather. I thought “fuck! must have got the wrong cream, instead of a sun screen, got a tanning one!”. And then I realised I was wearing sun glasses (which I actually never do in real life). Dreams’ sense of humour…

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