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Herne The Hunter

I dreamed I was at my parents place with my companion and we were watching on a computer a very interesting documentary on haunted places in Brittany. There was one particular place which we found interesting, it was a sort of asymmetrical house from the 19th century with a high glass roof, it looked like an atelier.
We had rented a place in Brittany for 5 days and we were quite surprised and thrilled to see upon our arrival that the house was the one showed in the documentary. And yes, there had been a murder in the house but the house itself felt fine. We were inside and were watching again the documentary at the same time we watched our location. I was pointing at a tiny brilliant shape and from frame to frame it developed into a ghost. I was so excited. Usually, ghosts and flying objects in dreams spook me but not lately, I’ve come to accept this. The ghost was not only in the documentary now, it was also for real. An old friend came to stay with us, she arrived with her dog and we were so happy to see each other again that we jumped in the grass (our dogs too). When we came in, I didn’t talk about the ghosts (didn’t want to spook her), but pointed at the strange architecture. One end of the house was curved, and there were two doors leading to the garden. I thought how strange two doors leading to the same place. Suddenly the door on the left opened and I jumped back. There, in the door frame stood a giant of a man. He was the landlord. And I had to laugh because he really looked like a local savage, and I told him so (I know… very rude of me). He didn’t reply. Then I saw he was a hunter, he had a rifle on his shoulder and he was carrying three or four rabbits. He dropped them at our feet and I leaned to touch one of them. I was delighted to see there were all alive and tame enough to be petted. Now that I’m awake, this “landlord” reminds me very much of Herne the Hunter, lord of animals.

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Sharks with a sense of humour

I dreamed I was standing alone on a vast tropical beach … with a surfing board. Although the sea was quiet and I had never tried surfing before, I went into the water with my board, swam on it a bit and then attempted to get into a kind of upright position. I crouched on it and started sailing. I don’t know whether the board moved according to my will or the sea’s will or even better our concerted wills but sail, I did. It was exhilarating. Back on the ground I ended up at my parents place. In front of the house, my things were drying. But there were also three sharks who were quite alive and kicking in spite of the lack of water. And they were coming at me. Horrified and not knowing how to defend myself, I gripped one of them and threw it against the others. The sharks were a bit taken aback and then started to chuckle. Sharks’ humour, you know… ;-).

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I dreamed that I was sleeping in the same room as a couple and I woke up to find them all flustered. Someone had taken photos of us during our sleep. There were quite a few of me, very artistic and mysterious. On one of them, I was sleeping with my tongue pulled out like a gargoyle. On another one, my eyes were wide open, which made me think that perhaps I had seen the photographer. Suddenly, I felt a weight shift at the end of the bed and I shouted He’s still here!He ran away but I could see in spite of the darkness he was a ninja, all dressed in black. I ran out and found in the corridor his camera bag, he was obviously a very disorganised ninja since he also let his name inside the bag. I came back inside and told the others that I had to ring the headmaster, this guy had to be expelled from Hogwarts (I changed my mind later on).

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Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Doooooo!

Dreamed of goblins, I was facing the dark and out of it came some twig-like hands reaching for mine… Unfortunately I can’t remember much else, except it was nice and friendly.

I dreamed that Johnny Depp had a huge crush on me. I thought “Oh my, this is surely going to attract lots of jealousy”. Especially since I didn’t care. He was nice enough, he was looking at me with undisguised tenderness as I was sketching, but frankly, no.

I dreamed I woke up in the dark and I could sense the dark was inhabited. I said I wanted to communicate. Silence. And then a little voice said “dooooooo”  which is the first note on the musical scale. I was so excited. I replied with the next note ( “réééééé”).

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