Welcome to my Inner World. I am a French self-taught artist, and these past twenty years I have made Norway my home. Moving to the Lofoten islands was the greatest present I ever made to myself and the Arctic landscapes are indeed a true treat for any artist’s eyes. I live with my British soulmate,… Continue Reading

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Garden of Corals

Where corals grow
While fish play hide and seek
A spirit gardener of old
Grabbed my hand.
With the sensual kiss,
The gentle tug,
Opened up the garden of delights.
In the breeze,
Flowers sighed,
Their heavy scents rising to the moon.
O Wilderness,
Listen gracefully,
The sacred fire in my heart
Still roams the paths of white sand
Swept by a caroussel of golden beams,
My own voice drowned
In a choir of loving fish,
Feel the tug, feel the rising kiss,
The longing in my soul
Is my offering.

Life is the way you imagine it

Had a funny dream, I was trying a beautiful pink skirt in front of the mirror, it was long, wide and romantic, and I leaned to search for a top amongst a heap of clothes but when I looked in the mirror again, the skirt was black. I started to search for my pink skirt, couldn’t find it, so I stood up and I told the dream “I know you’re teasing me but I also know how to get my pink skirt again, I just have to imagine I’m wearing it”. I looked in the mirror, and there it was! Truly, life is (sometimes) the way you imagine it ;-).

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Baba Yaga

I dreamed last night I had a house in the forest and close to mine, was another house belonging to a friend I’ve been knowing for over 20 years. We hugged, so happy to meet again. We went for a walk, very excited because it was also close to Samhain. She told me that Marilyn Manson wrote some very nice things about me. We arrived to a sort of fair where everything became in clay, and I was rearranging the market to my taste like a mandala. And then I wanted to come back home but I lost my way. I found myself in a huge mansion where everything was renovated but empty. I found a door to come out and none other than Baba Yaga herself was here to lead me back to the forest :-)! She had come to rescue me and we walked together on the paths of the forest!

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Watching me

I dreamt I lived in a huge house in Polynesia. One of the rooms had a big bay window with a view on a tropical garden but most amazing was that on the other side of the glass was a natural pond connected to the sea and I could see under the surface squids and octopus. I sat down and with tears of joy watched them swimming, watching me…

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