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East Wind

I found a stretch of road sheltered from the icy east wind today, thanks to my driving license (and the mountains…). I often think back to last year at the same period and all the self-doubt, the real trouble I had learning to drive. And it went on until June when after a second attempt, I finally passed the exam. I’m so glad it’s over. I’ve become better at driving. But I’m not so sure I’ll ever get better at sewing. This is a disaster. I might have to sew straight on the dummy, perhaps it will give me more control because every time I’m on this sewing machine, I do weird (unspeakable) things. I could try to fit the garment with a stapler. But of course, it will take far more time. What drives me mad is that sewing requires so much overwhelming precision. But as long as I find a plan B, there is still hope for me.








Polar Night

Happy New Year!

After two months of almost continuous rain, snow is here at last. And in 5 days, the sun should come back after the long polar night. As a special treat, I drove us to Steine. The girls really enjoyed the change of scenery. They were actually overjoyed. I love these brooding skies, the mystery. It sparks your imagination.


I wish to all my readers a happy winter celebration!

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