Homemade Chocolate

I dreamed that my employers had a farm area and they had captured a fox which they were going to kill. He was locked in one of the stables. I just couldn't stand the idea and I didn't care if they fired me, no fox would be killed under my watch. So I opened the latch and I asked the fox to follow me silently, which he did. We walked to a gate in the fence surrounding the property and I opened it for him. I knelled down and the fox on the other side put his front paw against my hand, he looked at me in the eye, it was beautiful. After that, I prepared myself to suffer the consequences. There were none. Sometimes, you also get away with ... good actions.

I made homemade chocolates. Difficult to restrict myself to one a day! Made with love and Callebaut Belgian chocolate (dark, milk and white), whole roasted nuts, dried raspberries, cocoa nibs and… glitter! Delicious with a Gyokuro tea.

Spinning is so Hygge. I enjoy it especially when I’m tired, it is so relaxing and peaceful. There is something hypnotic about it.

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The Best Pillow in the Whole World

I encountered a lonely troll in the forest. She was glad I spotted her.
This is one of the most charming houses around:
Tiptoeing into the Trolls’ Kingdom. Autumn is bewitching…
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Of all the cushions and the pillows on my bed, the one which I use to rest my head at night of course is always the girls’ favourite.

My new little acquisition:

A Roscoelite, or Green Muscovite Mica crystal.

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It’s been raining quite a lot lately, the perfect weather to start a weaving project.I ‘m in a mood for a silvery snowy christmassy sweater with tons of glitter.

Meanwhile… the Sun is Shining

My new sugar-free addiction!
A cosy spot 
for spinning
for reading

A few books from my favourite publisher, DK, about Earth, the ocean and the Universe, and quantum physics + a book about science (many different fields) in infographics, a book about crafts and another one about textiles from all over the world

Weaving with purple and brown hand-spun yarns

I don’t think tourists should take it personnally BUT since they deserted Lofoten, the sun has been shining on a very regular basis. It’s quite extraordinary, really. In 23 years, I’ve never seen the like.

Still having the time of my life, reading, painting, weaving and going on long walks with my girls.

I’ve also been indulging with a few movies and shows. I adored Wolfwalkers by Tomm Moore (he also made Song of the Sea, which is a big influence on my art) and Raised by Wolves, by Ridley Scott, the series is so rich in fairy tales symbols, although the genre is totally science fiction. I’ve always had a soft spot for science fiction. My favourite scifi show is The Expanse.