I’ve been quite busy with weaving lately. I also dyed some yarns. Ideally, I would love to dye all my yarns for the warp because I find variagated yarns for the warp much more interesting. And of course, hand-spun yarns for the weft, but I’m not there yet. The painting of my spinning wheel is progressing nevertheless.

Some arm warmers:

A shoulder wrap:

With a leftover I might use for pockets:

A fabric for a pullover:

A fabric for a sleeveless vest:

A Little Primitive Brooch

A little owl brooch I improvised with scraps of hand woven fabrics. Embroidered too:

A Yule Scarf

My most beautiful fabric, I think. But it is not for me ;-).


Kilt and Cropped Sweater

A few garments I made lately. A “sort of” kilt. The linen shirt and underskirt are hand-dyed. :