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The Sun!

Play Video Today is a particularly delightful day, the sun is back, my beloved has made an apple frangipane tart and I received my long awaited green tea refills from my favourite UK supplier. It can’t get better than that. Last night, I dreamed I discovered a door leading to the cellar in my house. When you opened the door, there was a flight of 10 steps or so and a little cosy cave at the bottom. The walls were irregular and lit by glowworms in the thousands. Here and there were niches where cute white ermines lived. They were very friendly. There was a big opening in the cave. From there,

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Happy New Year

Play Video Happy New Year, dear dreamers! I’m starting the year with deep cocooning sessions. I’m currently reading Japanese Folkore and Yokai: Kitsune, little stories and legends of Japan by Kevin Tembouret and I’m enjoying it immensely. This is one of the stories:   Play Video  The Teapot and the Magic Grain of Rice A long time ago, a beautiful young girl was possessed by a Kitsune. The whole village knew it and no one could do anything about it. One day, a monk passed by and was asked if he was able to scare the Kitsune away. He said yes.When he was introduced to the girl, he took out a scroll and recited

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A Very Kind Lady

This is a work in progress. I love spending time in my snowy town in the company of its sweet and gentle inhabitants.This lady in particular is very kind. I also like the boy and his monster. I love painting the interiors you can see through the windows. This is SO MUCH fun! A proper Christmas card this morning. No wind and clear skies for the rest of the day. But there’s a catch… it’s minus 12. Play Video Play Video Sometimes when it snows as the evening falls, I think of Sabriel from the Abhorsen trilogy by Garth Nix, the precise moment when Sabriel, searching for her father the Abhorsen (a

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Yule Tree

Back to my snowy kingdom! With a load of delicious things in my suitcase, chocolates, biscuits, jams and brioche, goat cheese, watercolours, toys for my girls and luminaries. Relaxing now in my sanctuary after an exhausting long trip. I dusted off my altar (one of them) and I’m sipping a cup of tea before setting up the Yule tree. A magical day… Play Video My beautiful fir tree, king of the forest, how I love your glittery frosted branches… Play Video I would have thought I’d have as a spirit animal helper an owl, or a stag, a fox, a dragon or even an otter but nope. My “patronus” is a tiger,

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A Sanctuary under the Sea

Here is the Dog Keeper’s sanctuary, in the Goblins’ realm, underground, at the bottom of the sea. It has its own thermal pools and the windows are made of polished crystal. Goblins work hard at making their homes the epitome of Hygge and are skilled in all sorts of crafts. They are also avid readers. Unfortunately for me, these books are written in Goblin. l cannot even decipher the titles, I can only imagine what they are about… This is the little story of the Dog Keeper, the gentle goblin who takes care of our beloved dogs when they depart from this world.

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The Goblins’Portal

The Dog Keeper welcoming our beloved friends.When my dear Loki died 6 years ago, in the evening, I saw him. He was so happy because he didn’t feel the pain any longer, he was feeling so fine and he looked at me, uncomprehending, he felt my (bottomless) sadness and wondered why I was not rejoicing. A few days later, I dreamed we were bathing together in the sea. I was so glad he came to visit me. The sun was shining and the water was crystal clear. I know he will be here for me one day, by the Goblins Portal. Wagging his tail. Bringing his ball at my feet.   This

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The Dog Keeper

Soon the end of the Midnight Sun… looking forward to seeing the stars again in one month.. This is an image in a long series about the Goblin world. Goblins love animals, crafts and music. I know my Loki is with them.I had fun painting the cave, this little Goblin’s home. I dreamed my Beloved and I lived in a big mansion by a river. The style was very 1920’s and there was a big conservatory (like a glass veranda) and many rooms. We decided to open a bed and breakfast but on our own terms. We wanted only a few guests and to keep to a reasonable price so that it

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Into the Forest We Go

The grey skies are back, yeah! It hadn’t rained for a long while. I love the sound of rain at night, I always sleep better. Spring is here!   This is a detail from the animation I’m working on. I’m having more and more fun every day. And a wallpaper

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