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Merry Solstice!

I was going to make a diorama for Yule, but I started too late. Nevertheless, it will be a seasonal diorama. It will be quite big, perhaps 60 cm high. I started painting it with mixed media, it is now well on its way to be finished. I’m having loads of fun with ink pads, watercolour pens, coloured pencils, glitter, embossing powders and all kind of (legal) powders! Merry Solstice! Although that was a few days ago. I haven’t posted for a while. The last pictures I took, the sun was still shining and then we went into the polar night but the weather has been fantastic with a lot of snow

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I’m having such a cosy time painting my Snowy Town. This is a close-up of my Work-In-Progress.  Looking forward to snowy weather! Play Video Frost at last! It’s been so mild lately. I love all the glitter (no surprise here). Working on a scrapbooked pocket on the Dragon theme. This will go to my … cutting machine! Nothing too intricate, it is not a laser one but it will do a better job than an arthritis inducing manual blade. And then, I will colour it with watercolours, sprays, pencils, whatever takes my fancy! And yes, a bit of glitter and most certainly some embossing. Play Video I really enjoy my walks at

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Hyakki Yagyo

These two previous nights, I woke up during the night to see at my window a little diffused light among the dark clouds. I knew it was the Moon. She wanted to say Hello, there! I waited a bit and there she came with her crescent dress. Last night, I realised she was… family. Be it friends or the entire planet, we need to commit and extend our sense of family. Last night, I fell back to sleep thinking wisdom, all sorts of wisdoms should be taught at school. It’s the discipline we are the most in need of. Then, the Moon sent me two gifts in the form of two dreams.

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The sound of Waves

I think I might finish my Hyakki Yagyo (Japanese Spirits procession) before Halloween. This is just a close-up. I’m having tremendous fun! Of course, it’s a free and personal interpretation . Play Video These days, I’ve been visiting the beach. I love the gentle sound of waves. Play Video Very few leaves on the trees now. Play Video Play Video

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Imagination is a Wild Beast

Imagination is a wild beast. It is also a Wise Beast. It is not in the mind, it’s in the Soul. It is not like the mind, it is magical. Play Video I received my DK book about knitting, the single book I will have on the topic since I’m not planning to do any of what is shown here, because I will stick to the plain knit stitch, not even a single purl. I wanted to have an overview of all I’m going to miss out and frankly, I feel relieved, this is too complicated for me. I found a great website where you can customise absolutely everything in your knitting

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Elks in the Mist

Now… I’ve been thinking  about the handmade book I wanted to make, drafting ideas for hours and I finally had my Eureka moment. I’m not going to make a handmade book, not enough space on my altar and the format is just too small, it would be too frustrating. Dioramas too would be just too big to fit in these little boxes of my altar. BUT I remembered I had great fun making scrapbook loaded envelopes and they could fit! I could even make a pile of them and display them in turn. There are some fantastic themes I want to work on, I feel so inspired. I think it’s the right

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I live in many places…

I finally finished the big painting I had started… in December! A huge amount of work went into it. I love panoramas. I’m tempted to add more panels, extend and explore this snowy town. Maybe I will. But not now. Four months spent on one single painting is just a tad too long! The music is Gracelight by Nick Hollywell walker. Play Video

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High on Quantum Physics

I got the chance to see some Northern Lights recently but it’s been mostly cloudy alas We also got a lot of snow in February, it was fantastic! The icicles sparkling in the moonlight. A great place to read on my tablet in my comfy chair with a hot water bottle and a cup of tea. The way Home… I’ve always been fascinated by robots. I love what is usually considered as a little boy’s universe, science fiction, robots and silly monsters. I suppose I never truly ditched my imaginary friends. And what great friends they are! Of course, it would be very unfair to compare them with our human friends,

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