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I am a French self-taught artist, and these past twenty years I have made Norway my home. Moving to the Lofoten islands was the greatest present I ever made to myself and the Arctic landscapes are indeed a true treat for any artist’s eyes. I live with my British soulmate, my sweet Papillon girls, Lucy and Pixie and the spirit of my border collie, Loki. My creativity is a tribute to the eyes that blink in the heart of every smallest thing, the flowing dreams whose pulse tries to reach to us in our most meditative state.

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First Drive

This morning I was able at last to drive my little family to a nice place which we used to visit fairly often with Loki when we lived close by. So many good memories… Our walk was magical and the sun came out just for us, as a special treat. Lucy loved the driving, her paws on the dashboard, not

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Trolls and Elves, hand in hand, made this Land

I’ve just come back yesterday from a two day trip to Tromsø to fetch my second-hand car (which I’m very pleased about). I took the coastal steamer back (I didn’t want to drive some 500 kms since I just got my driving license) and slept on board… 12 hours! I’m usually up by 6:30 but the movement of the boat

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Beads, Tiles and Dishes

I’m a bit disappointed with the underglazes. I think I like them only when they’re not covered with a transparent glaze. But I love my Opalescent glazes, madly. I’m just eager to create more pieces until I can use glazes and underglazes in the combination that feels right to me. Some beads about which I’m very pleased:        Some

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The little bits of my paintings I love the most:

A Totally Random Post Popping Out Of Nowhere:

  • The Journey
    journey1 I think no world fascinates me more than the underwater one. In  2009, I travelled for the first time to a tropical place and there, tried some snorkelling. Alas, it was on the last day and only for a short while. Since then, I've become addicted. There's hardly a week where I don't dream of coral reefs and turquoise waters. I pictured here one of my most favorite gods, Enki, god of wisdom. [peekaboo_link name="bar"]Traduction ici [/peekaboo_link] [peekaboo_content name="bar"] Je crois qu'aucun monde ne me fascine plus que le monde sous-marin.  En 2009, j'ai voyagé pour la premiere fois sous les tropiques et là, nagé avec un tuba. Hélas, c'etait le dernier jour et seulement un court momen. Depuis, c'est devenu une obsession, il ne se passe pas une semaine sans que je rêve de massifs coralliens et d'eaux turquoise. J'ai représenté ici un de mes dieux favoris, Enki, dieu de la sagesse. [/peekaboo_content]  

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