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A Gift

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We’ve had some wonderful weather lately, I’m really looking forward to roaming the wilderness with Miss Lucy this coming summer.
Meanwhile, the mosaic is progressing, I’ve just finished one of my favourite paintings (by me), it was a real challenge to paint this sea in a different fashion, I found it very difficult to forget the way I learned painting before I got so hooked on the folk art style. I didn’t think I’d manage to be so daring and free but here it goes:




I love the colors, it makes me feel nostalgic for tropical places. I love the atmosphere, too. Painting this helped me to move forward in my mourning process. I actually dreamed three nights ago that Loki was coming back to me and wanted to be washed. Since he hated the shower when he was alive, I washed him with love. Just love. The next night, he was coming back again, he was given a second life. A second life, a second chance with me, in my dreams. A wonderful gift.
While painting this, I listened a lot to an old Joni Mitchell album, Song to a Seagull, and particularly these two tracks enveloped me in the right kind of vibe for painting this:

And here are a few photos. The ice held under Lucy’s weight.