Welcome to my Inner World. I am a French self-taught artist, and these past seventeen years I have made Norway my home. Moving to the Lofoten islands was the greatest present I ever made to myself and the Arctic landscapes are indeed a true treat for any artist’s eyes. I live with my British soulmate,… Continue Reading

My Digital Art

The Fey

What does Soul crave through you in this instant?  Can you unfurl your antennae and channel Soul’s spontaneous desires and aspirations?  Whatever Soul asks of you, be it stillness in chaos, or a fearless act in a frozen situation, you have to welcome Its demands.  Soul knows best.


Blackberry, Raspberry & Chocolate Fantasy

The base: spiced biscuits, crisped rice, cocoa nibs and gianduja, with a little hit of salt to focus the flavours.  The filling: blackberry and raspberry chocolate crémeux jewelled with fresh berries.  The top: more berries, macerated in pear eau de vie, nestled in twists of chocolate bark and kissed with gold leaf.