The Fairy Godmother

Before we have even opened our eyes for the very first time, the Fairy Godmother has visited our newborn selves to bestow upon us her singular gifts.  It might be a skill, a quest that cannot be refused, a passion or loving relationships.  Her gifts are always unique, so it would be unjust to compare them with the gifts of others.  She has a deeply meaningful vision for each of us.  Others might not understand, or comprehend the beauty and rightness of the vision that is ours to realise.  But in the end, being enchanted by our own story is all that matters.



  1. Isabelle GeorgelinI

    Bonjour Kundry,

    Le château de Mélusine m’a donné envie d’aller vers l’oracle! et je découvre cette jolie carte “The Fairy Godmother”. Quel est donc ce cadeau que j’ai reçu bébé….

    Très bonne journée, merci pour l’oracle et pour ces révélations!

    1. Kundry

      Merci à toi, Isabelle pour tous tes adorables commentaures!

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