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Today, I worked ten hours on this portal. It is many layers and it is far from being finished yet.
Today was very sunny and almost all the trees are green now. With my darling Papillon girls, Lucy and Pixie, we had a very Hygge time on the shore. This is our private tiny beach, very few people know about it. The tide was high, so the strip of white sand quite slim, but at low tide, you can actually walk to a small island.
The wind was cold (chill factor of 2 degrees celcius), and the water felt even colder, but it is so relaxing afterwards, because the feet warm up. Just to be clear, it’s quite painful to walk in it, it is not Hygge at all! I sometimes see otters in this area. When we stand very still with the girls, they swim quite close, not realising… And then, the girls spot it, and start barking. They do bark a lot.
Lucy is the very distinguished lady, Pixie is the one who looks like a little bear.

And a video:


  1. Nadine

    I really love the colours of that beautiful place. Seems like all of you had a great time at the beach.
    Hugs and kisses to your two cuties ?.
    Ha det

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, Nadine!I will transmit to the girls, they love that kind of attention. The place is on the Lofoten islands. Kos deg!

  2. Ricardo Flores

    Hi Kundry, it’s me Ricardo, I hope you can still remember me. It is always a pleasure visiting your site, everything you post and create turns out very beautiful. I love Lucy and Pixie, they are so cute, and the way their ears wave with the wind! I got a question, I think you are not on Facebook anymore, do you have a Twitter page? I would love to join you there, if not, I fully understand! Okay, by for now my friend, I love the place where you live, I can almost smell the breeze! ?

    1. Kundry

      So nice to hear from you, dear Ricardo! And funny you should ask this because I’ve just come back on Facebook a few days ago! You can find me with the name Kundry Land. But I will probably find you first. Take care, beautiful soul…

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