The Long Holiday is Almost Over

Do you remember the "work in progress" from a few days ago?
Well... it's still progressing!

I love Nature and Relaxation’s channel on Youtube. I switch on my TV only to play their videos. I always play their videos mute. I love having a background of undersea landscapes (which I admire from time to time, while doing something else). What a great company! And so relaxing! All these gorgeous colours are very inspiring when I paint.

We’ve visited many different places lately, to Lucy’s delight since she often craves… novelty. This girl is very spoiled. Pixie is more easy going, but I know she also loves novelty.
Next week, I will have to go back to work (which brings a lot of stress), there will be less time for… everything. But that’s the way it is… for most people! Meanwhile, I enjoy my last days of perfect freedom.


  1. Isabelle GEORGELIN

    Portail magique a n’en point douter! Peut être mène t-il à ces fonds sous-marins sans masque et tuba avec une respiration complètement adaptée comme si on avait des branchies!! …
    En te souhaitant d’autres journées remplies de bulles de liberté!
    Bises, isabelle

    1. Kundry

      J’adore les fonds sous-marins, j’ai tres envie de les peindre! Mais cette fois-ci, le portail méne à l’interieur de la montagne, des paysages minéraux que j’ai bien hâte d’explorer.
      Bonne soirée, Isabelle, et merci!

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