A New Altar

This morning, we went to my favourite wood. I could go there every day, the whole place, up to the tiniest detail, is like a fairy tale. Close to Midsummer, everything turns vivid green, it’s deeply magical. And on top of that, there is never anyone. Just birds, the girls, the trolls and me. I carry this place in my soul everywhere I go. I belong to it.

My new altar! I now have to fill the boxes with ceramics, watercolour dioramas and figurines. It’s inspired by a dream I had years ago. I was receiving a present from the Faerie Folk, a beautiful compartmentalised box full of magical items. I am very inspired! But not in a hurry to be finished, since the space in my house is so limited, better to make this project last.

I dreamed I was moving out of a cramped and haunted house (by malevolent ghosts). The new house was big to say the least, it had four floors! It came with lovely furniture for my books and craft/art supplies. It was also a bit crooked in some places, just as I like, and it had lots of windows everywhere in all kind of shapes. I was putting everything in order, and I was going to explore all the other floors, I was very excited to see all the nice surprises! Basically, this is my new... mind. Free from old ghosts, curious about all the things Soul has in store for me.


  1. Miss Castielle Pan

    C’est magnifique !! J’adore cette ambiance chaleureuse et colorée

    1. Kundry

      Merci! Justement… je pensais à toi et je me disais que tes figurines se plairaient bien dans ce genre d’etagéres.

      1. Miss Castielle Pan

        Oh oui, elles se sentiraient chez elles.

  2. jo

    Hello Lovely Kundry. Wishing you a happy enchanted magical birthday! the woods are divine so so green. exciting to see all the items that will fill the altar. it has been lovely and cold here and twice i have wrapped myself in my beautiful magical green Kundry scarf. I will wear it in the rehearsal room today…i’m sure it will inspire me as i work. love and hugs to you, jo xxx

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, dear Jo! I’m glad that you’re looked after by this green forest scarf :-). It suits you so perfectly!
      Love and hugs to you too, dear Jo!

  3. Silvia Lille

    Hi Anne! I wrote you a short email, hopefully you received it! I ‘m passing by just to say hello ad see if you are well!
    Your dream makes me remember about your house moving years ago…or it was my dream of years ago?
    Feeling always connected with you, loves from Silvia (Italy)

    1. Kundry

      Thank you,Silvia and for your email too, to which I shall of course reply. I have been a bit sick, on top of demanding working days but I will write to you very soon. I’m glad and grateful for this deep connection, I feel it too :-). Hugs, my dear friend

      1. Silvia

        keep care my dear friend and recover soon!!
        big hugs

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