Glittery Delights

Planning a road trip through France in November to visit dear friends. The question is : will I manage to overcome my phobia of driving in France?

The illustration is by Roberto Innocenti, The Last Resort, an illustrated album which makes me dream.

To think that by the first of October, all the leaves will have fallen…
I love this illustration from the 11th century, it shows the Chinese monk Xuanzang (c. 602- 664) who traveled to India in order to bring back to China 700 Buddhist texts. Strange choice of colour for the lips but the tiger is fantastic. I love the rucksack too with its wisps of incense.
Mostly digital painting these days. It had been a long while. It is quite relaxing. This is a close-up of a new big painting. Work in progress of course…
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My Hounds of Love…

Of course, after having read a DK book about rocks and minerals of about 350 pages, I gave in to the temptation to buy two clusters of these marvelous crystals. I went for pyrite, or the so-called Fool’s gold, because everything that glitters fills me with glee. The extravagant shiny one is a Chalcopyrite and the other one, which also has quartz crystals is a Sphalerite Galena Pyrite. I am very pleased. I look at them every day with a magnifying glass. I think I found a way in…

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  1. Miss Castielle Pan

    Sublime ! Ton illustration est superbe, quelle belle couverture douillette !
    Gros coup de coeur pour le beau champignon et les pierres.
    Bon courage pour le voyage en France. Conduire n’est pas facile, mais ça dépend aussi où tu vas. Si c’est à Paris, c’est sûr que c’est pas terrible ^^

    1. Kundry

      Merci Castielle! On me met la pression pour abandonner mon projet d’aventure, hélas…
      Merci pour ton enthousiasme pour mon illustration! J’ai hâte de la voir terminée, mais c’est que du plaisir! J’aime beaucoup peindre les textiles et les jaquettes de livres.

  2. jo

    beautiful as always, Lovely Kundry. i love your digital paintings and at first glance i often mistake your forest photos for your paintings. they are both so beautiful and detailed with nothing missing. Hard for me to imagine you being fearful of any roads when you drive through snow and ice on winding roads. i hope this phobia melts and you enjoy planning your exciting trip. sending love and hugs, jo xxx

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, dear Jo! I’m very pleased that you find a similarity between my photos of the forest and my paintings, it’s a great compliment!
      I think I will have to take it easy in France, a few errands here and there and perhaps next time: the roadtrip!
      Love and hugs to you too!

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