My Donkey Skin Sweaters

I have been quite busy weaving sweaters for myself these past few weeks. I finished a last minute sweater. It took no more than 14 hours (weaving and sewing), I am very surprised. It feels like a warm cloud, it’s very soft, so soft I could wear it on my naked skin. I’m very pleased. It’s mostly mohair, alpaca and silk. Now, I’m going to calm down. The loom is folded, there’ll be room for the Christmas tree when I’ll come back from France (where I arrived to yesterday).

This one was a disappointment… It was supposed to be my silver fox sweater but I cut it wrong and I don’t know… it feels more like a grey mouse than a silver fox.

This one’s called… purple cosmos! Hand-spun, hand-woven and hand sewn (the last part with a lot of swearing, and foul language… in French for good measure!)

There is also an assorted scarf.

I dreamed that I was going to visit my family in France (I'm actually leaving on Wednesday) but to my horror, I realised it was June and that the temperature was going to be 39 c. On top of that, when I arrived in the building where my parents live, there were people waiting for one of the three lifts, but one of them was not to be opened because there was a zombie trapped in it and banging repeatedly on the door . The second lift was stuck between two floors. I considered taking the stairs but I didn't even have anything sharp with me. This is what people had to deal in France on a daily basis and I was totally unprepared! Dreams have a way of putting things back in perspective, I'm relieved it was just a dream... (especially the June part)

Japanese art is my favourite, this is some of my favourite prints by Hiroshige. I love the way he renders snow.

I’ve just received this HUGE book about China, 650 pages. Since it’s very unlikely I’ll go there one day (although it is at the very top of the list of countries I would like to visit ) and since I dislike documentaries of any kind (I know… it’s weird- perhaps it’s the voice over which annoys me), I will travel through books. Looking forward to exploring this very heavy volume with a Dragon Well tea.

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  1. jo

    wishing you very happy and safe travels, dear Kundry. i hope they are filled with love and laughter and are completely heat and zombie free! you look fabulous in your new creations…so beautiful with your moon coloured hair. happy happy traveling. sending love and hugs to you, jo xxx

    1. Kundry

      Thank you so much, dear Jo! Not so many zombies so far, actually quite many helpful and pleasant people! But it’s barely cold enough for so much wool! Hugs to you too!

  2. Miss Castielle Pan

    J’adore tes cheveux. Tes vêtements sont très jolis et ont l’air très confortables.
    Ça m’a fait rire que la partie de ton rêve qui t’embêtait le plus, c’était que ça soit le mois de Juin XD

    1. Kundry

      Merci Castielle! Oui! Je me rappelle que tu es comme moi, tu n’aimes pas trop la chaleur!

  3. Anja Greinwald-Houpt

    Dear Kundry,
    I love your purple kosmos ….. its so very beautiful…… have a wonderful time in France with your beloved ones…..
    Greats Anja

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, Anja, for your beautiful and kind words!

  4. Isabelle Georgelin

    Chère Kundry,

    La “musique” des estampes japonaises est si apaisante et profonde à la fois! L’âme japonaise m’intrigue car je me demande d’ou leur vient cette force trempée d’une discrétion qui révèle une magie subtile et intemporelle.
    Un rendez-vous avec La Chine…Quelle chance!

    Bonne journée,


    1. Kundry

      C’est la musique du film Mémoires d’une geisha. Oui, tant de choses dans cette culture sont une grande source d’inspiration!

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