Merry Christmas Eve

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Now, two weeks holidays in my own sweet Home! This is actually the only holiday I get to spend here on Lofoten. The rest of the year, I get mini holidays of maximum three days. At last, the moment I’ve been waiting for!
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A powerful Kitsune, the Japanese fox spirit, has found an alcove on my altar. It has no less than 9 tails, it is very wise and magical. He is dancing just like in the dream I had when I was a child. In my dream, the magical fox was dancing around my bed and he was talking to me. He had a funny way of talking because he had problems pronouncing our human words but he was trying his very best. I had fun painting colourful doodles on his 9 tails. I’ll probably add more elements around him. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind sharing his space with a phoenix or a dragon.
This dear friend and messenger from my childhood brings joy and wonder.

Merry Christmas Eve! Finally, we will get our white Christmas…

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This was a scarf I had made for a dear friend of mine, she now received it. It is ultra soft, made of mohair, silk, alpaga and hand-spun wool yarn. 


  1. jo

    this post makes me smile so much because receiving one of your magical scarfs dear Kundry was one of the most unexpected and beautiful treasured gifts ever. How happy your friend must be to have received this divine one. the picture of you and Pixie – ohhhhh – you are as enchanting as your Kitsune. i hope every minute of your two week holiday in your beautiful home is superb! love to you, jo xxx

    1. Kundry

      Thank you,dear Jo! It’s completely her colours, I’m glad I guessed right for both of you! Hugs

  2. the Tardis Girl

    Quelle chance d’avoir de la neige !!!
    Ton kitsune est magnifique <3 Évidement, j'ai un gros coup de cœur pour lui !
    Sublime écharpe et j'adore toujours autant tes cheveux. J'ai réalisé mon rêve de puis quelques jours, les miens sont roses maintenant.
    Passes de très bonnes vacances et je te souhaite un très beau Noël <3

    1. Kundry

      Merci Tardis Girl! J’ai pensé à toi en peignant mon renard, je suis contente que tu l’aimes. Les cheveux roses, j’adore! Tu dois avoir l’air d’une fée! Bonnes fêtes à toi aussi!

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