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The bisque firing I had planned months ago but couldn’t do because to carry intricate ceramic items down to the cellar when there’s still so much snow is asking for trouble. Now, I have to decide which glazes… So excited!
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I had so much fun with my Polychromos pencils! I first used them to enhance my watercolour but I soon found out that I prefer working with them first and then enhance with watercolour washes. I’m glad I bought them, the colours are very intense and they stay quite sharp, which is very important to me since I work on miniature pictures. I am pleased with my wheel of fortune. I love little devices. I’m always looking for new ideas which aren’t too complicated since I am no engineer.
Working on this little table with all these beautiful and inspiring colours around is wonderful.
This is the little loaded envelope finished. I’ve overestimated the amount of elements I thought I could cram in, but all of them were important to express something very special I feel about my dreams. Now, I’ve got many more ideas on different subjects and lots of colours to play with.


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  1. the Tardis Girl

    Tes chiennes sont adorables.
    Ta boite de crayons me fait rêver ! Ce sont mes préférés, je n’ai que la petite boite pour le moment, mais j’espère pouvoir en avoir une plus grande un jour. Toutes ces couleurs, c’est trop beau !
    Tes créations sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres ! Elles fourmillent de détails

    1. Kundry

      Merci Tardis Girl! Ce sont les seuls que j’aie essayés et je suis contente d’avoir bien choisi! Rehaussé de voiles d’aquarelle (ou pas), c’est ma recette magique! J’espère que tu pourras t’offrir ou te faire offrir la grande boite bientôt! Les Luminances sont très bien aussi, parait-il, mais peut-être pas aussi précis.

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