Troll mother

Every morning, I light a few lanterns but always Troll Mother first. She is surrounded by little friends, Loki my departed border collie, Owl and a green dragon. She is looking after us.

Now, I finished the rough draft for the Snowy Town, I just have to enjoy painting it and adding loads of details. It will be hard to decide which house I want to move in…

Reading this fantastic book about plankton. Did you know that half of the oxygen we breathe is provided by plankton and that the plankton represents 98% of the biomass of the oceans?
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  1. jo

    Hello Lovely Kundry, thank you for the alert! I love your plankton book – they look like delicate jewels- the sea is just so full of delights. Your lanterns are beautiful. it is wonderful how you always light them. and your photos…ahhh they make me take a deep breath. i have such a longing for fjords and mountains but am content for now to lose myself in your enchanting photos. look forward to seeing the snowy town painted. love to you dear Kundry, jo xxx

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, dear Jo! The photos were taken not far from the place where you stayed :-).

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