I Love Rainy Evenings

I finished this card all too soon! It’s been a delight to create it. There will be many more, but for now, back to digital painting!
All the way Home, it follows me
The patter of rain on the pavement
A whiff of smoke
And the evening glows with visions of
Books and hot chocolate!
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It’s going to get darker and darker every day, so I thought I’d take at last a few decent pictures and videos of my dioramas with my new camera.

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Pixie’s always tilting her head when I speak to her.
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My creative corner these days. By now, I really have everything I need, I won’t be tempted by any art and craft shop. Not before a while.

Today’s walk. It was gorgeous. Now, the rain is coming (and will stay)


  1. jo

    Dear Kundry, thank you for reminding me that rainy nights exist! we are supposed to get a little rain tomorrow but soon i will have to pretend the hot easterly winds are the rain. your dioramas are a treat for my eye. little Pixie still reminds me of my youngest niece ( i mean that in the nicest possible sense for them both. it is something to do with the earnest yet almost comical look on both their faces) . your photos of the Lofoten landscape as always leave me wishing i was there. tqking a deep breath. and so grateful to you for posting them. love to you , jo xxx

    1. Kundry

      Thank you,Jo! Your niece must be truly adorable! Good luck for the rain! Hugs

  2. Corinne

    C’est toujours un pur régal de pénétrer dans ton superbe universe petite fée, tes vidéos offrent harmonie et émerveillement et tes photos nous dépaysent si magiquement ! Bises à toi et tes deux petits papillons aux belles oreilles ***

    1. Kundry

      Merci Corinne! Je suis toujours tres contente de trouver tes commentaires! Bisous

  3. Lune Rose

    Tes dioramas me font tellement rêver ! Ils fourmillent de détails magiques. J’adore aussi la carte avec le hot chocolate

    1. Kundry

      Merci Lune Rose! La magie est dans les détails, tout compte fait!

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