I’m having such a cosy time painting my Snowy Town. This is a close-up of my Work-In-Progress.  Looking forward to snowy weather!
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Frost at last! It’s been so mild lately. I love all the glitter (no surprise here).

Working on a scrapbooked pocket on the Dragon theme. This will go to my … cutting machine! Nothing too intricate, it is not a laser one but it will do a better job than an arthritis inducing manual blade. And then, I will colour it with watercolours, sprays, pencils, whatever takes my fancy! And yes, a bit of glitter and most certainly some embossing.
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I really enjoy my walks at night in the frosty woods.

The sun now rolls along the horizon for merely four hours.

I’ve also been having fun embossing these little Yule ornaments. I’ve used watercolour pens, oxide inks and stencils and gold on the embossed patterns.

You know, when you receive a little parcel filled with card making art supplies with names like Distress Glitter Dust, Unicorn Magic Potion, Magical Shaker, texture paste and glue pen and you have to try them all at once, without any delay! But there is more to come, I’ve ordered a heat gun and some fancy embossing powder. Going to dab and spray mindlessly and see what happens! Tada!


  1. jo

    wow, the frost is so very beautiful dear Kundry. I love the night one where the glitter really shows up, also the sound you and the girls make walking through the frosty foliage. I admire you so much how you can do such intricate work and of course how wonderful it is. love to you, jo xxx

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, dear Jo! I find frost deeply enchanting, even more than snow. I love the sound too!

  2. Lune Rose

    C’est beau ces paysages glacés !

    1. Kundry

      Le givre, c’est mon spectacle préféré!

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