Tada! My first broomstick! About time!
It was a delight working on the composition, preparing all the little parts (beads, wooden cut-outs, paper leaves, woven ribbons) and of course making the body itself. The making was magical (of course). Some people have different broomsticks for many different occasions, but I am limited by the lack of space, so this one will have to do. Anyway, I have the feeling that it likes the exclusivity. 
Being an animist, I’ve always been attracted to magical and ritualistic objects. I particularly connect to the broomstick because it’s usually ridden by women. In this  male dominated world, I’m searching for a more balanced approach. Expressing and exploring the Feminine is my pathway to Soul. I love the multiplicity, the complexity, the richness of colours. Children and women have always been so belittled, but there is power in the colourful and candid aspects of Soul. Generosity, kindness, complicity, spontaneity, relationship, trust and instinct, these are what pacify my mind. Let’s just switch off the news for a moment and use the creative power of sweeping out all the depressing energies, sweeping in all  the heartwarming energies, because this is what the witch’s broom does. 
You might wonder whether I intend to fly. Yes, I do. Flying is freedom from all the things we cannot change and which try to eat us alive. It is good for you, no matter what some masochistic people might tell you. But you can ride a broom only if the bond is strong and trusting. It takes a bit of time to get to know a broom. A broom cannot be tamed. It is very wise, but also very bossy, so it’s important to establish clear limits from the beginning. A broom is a familiar, it is a reflection of the witch’s Soul, it’s like her “dream-body”, her magical being. It is pure, wild, uncharted, and unspoiled. A sanctuary where everything can be reset. Fantastic, isn’t it? And yet, so simple, so immediate. The broom brings power to put the mind at rest, to create only for delight, and give time and energy to what truly matters. But since life is not always a bed of roses, it also lights the path when everything seems to weigh you down. It’s like being held by the hand by an unconditionally loving spirit (who’s also bossy): “There, there… everything is so much more fun when we are together”.
It’s a cold and dreary world outside, where nearly all the baddies get away, but the right company is something priceless. The right company will get us through anything. Companionship is what we all long for. Even when all alone, companionship tries to bring us back to itself, be it by the presence of a book or clouds in the evening sky. Companionship is our natural state. To think otherwise is perhaps what leads to despair and madness.  
Together is the most magical word.