This morning, we went to my favourite wood. I could go there every day, the whole place, up to the tiniest detail, is like a fairy tale. Close to Midsummer, everything turns vivid green, it’s deeply magical. And on top of that, there is never anyone. Just birds, the girls, the trolls and me. I carry this place in my soul everywhere I go. I belong to it.

My new altar! I now have to fill the boxes with ceramics, watercolour dioramas and figurines. It’s inspired by a dream I had years ago. I was receiving a present from the Faerie Folk, a beautiful compartmentalised box full of magical items. I am very inspired! But not in a hurry to be finished, since the space in my house is so limited, better to make this project last.

I dreamed I was moving out of a cramped and haunted house (by malevolent ghosts). The new house was big to say the least, it had four floors! It came with lovely furniture for my books and craft/art supplies. It was also a bit crooked in some places, just as I like, and it had lots of windows everywhere in all kind of shapes. I was putting everything in order, and I was going to explore all the other floors, I was very excited to see all the nice surprises! Basically, this is my new... mind. Free from old ghosts, curious about all the things Soul has in store for me.