A Pixie Home

It took four days, ten hours a day, to glaze lantern, brooches and beads. It is extremely time-consuming but at least, I’m learning a lot about the glazes I use.

Inside the lantern, there is a Pixie and lots of books for him to read.

Details about the glazes I used. Fired at 1190 C, 12 hours:

A Few New Friends

This is in hommage of my lovely dog who passed away 3 years ago, Loki:


A little Goblin to hang on the wall:

And a new friend for my Troll lady (on the right). He looks slightly creepy but he is very sweet:


Glazing ceramic in my little cramped space. I love doing this. I wish I had the space to store these lanterns though.

The polar night is so cosy, the sky is clear and it’s also colder with a bit of snow.

A Tile

Glaze info: