I found a pillow for pixies, it is just perfect!

Grey skies are back! For a little while. And the flowers season is at its peak. So much beauty everywhere…

I’ve been working a lot with clay lately, actually, three new types of clay, low-fire ones (because I want to experiment with low-fire glazes) and all the clays were wrong for building figurative pieces. The third clay broke my heart. I had been working on a little troll for days and I lifted it up carefully and many things fell down, this clay was like… chalk! So, I’ve ordered some good old paperclay (mix of clay and fibers), but the low-fire version. Meanwhile, a few pieces are drying. The one below will be black after firing. I can hardly wait to play with different combinations of glazes and see the results.

I usually don’t show my ankles because of my Victorian upbringing, BUT I received a wonderful present from a very dear friend: HAND-KNITTED SOCKS! I’m in Heaven, they are a perfect fit and so soft and beautiful. I wish I had this talent. I love socks!

And now a bit of music to dream on and journey very deep into the realm of imagination. Perhaps my favourite piece by Alexandre Desplat.