Damn! My diorama is not finished yet but I realise it is too big! Unfortunately, I can’t add the Liminal Orchestra to the right as it was planned,because there is the lamp there. And I did take the measurements several times! The diorama as it is, is still way too big!
The orchestra and I spoke about it, they agreed to set their little island at the beginning of the strip on the condition I add more details around them. They also said there was no hurry, I can take my time. It was nice of them.
I had to re-warp. The first colored warp for my silver grey sweater didn’t work out. My Inner Arctic Fox shuddered and said “I’m not wearing that”. So, I had to go for grey and I realise: I crave grey. Now, it is a delight to weave. The colours aren’t totally right on the picture but there’s a Shabby Chic vibe. I had to go through two tedious warping sessions in the space of two days (+ the job), it’s a good thing I’m stubborn.
Inner Silver Fox: "Now, that's more like it..." "Could you add a bit more of this shiny gold thread?" Me: "Don't push it, Silver Fox"
It looks good with my linen skirt...

First snow this winter. Waking up in the morning and feeling the light is somehow different, you open the curtains and … surprise, surprise!!!

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My favourite illustrated book is The Last Resort by Roberto Innocenti. I don’t find the story extraordinary but its atmosphere makes me feel so Hygge. This illustrator is brilliant, he really captured the essence of Hygge, I love his palette and his gentle warm light. I never tire of looking at these pages again and again, taking in all the little details.

I found a little gem and I am devouring it, Women and other monsters by Jess Zimmerman. It’s about, mostly, feminine monsters, including Medusa.
“Ugliness is the negative space of beauty, everything that beauty doesn’t allow. It’s only in turning away from the tiny target that you see the infinite space surrounding it. You’re not supposed to do this, of course. You’re supposed to be ashamed of your ugliness. Why? Because it’s objectively shameful? Or because it reduces your value as a decoration, a prize, an advertisement – because it benefits nobody but yourself? ” -Jess Zimmerman
“Beauty is in some way boring. even if its concept changes through the ages, nevertheless, a beautiful object must always follow certain rules. So to speak: a beautiful nose shouldn’t be longer than that or shorter than that. On the contrary, an ugly nose can be as long as the one of Pinocchio, as big as the one of an elephant, or like the beak of an eagle. Ugliness is unpredictable and offers an infinite range of possibilities. Beauty is finite; ugliness is infinite, like God” – Umberto Eco


I’m reading a beautiful book about Japan and this morning, I came across some incredible paintings in a castle from the Edo period (1600-1860),Kumamoto castle. Japanese art is my favourite.