It’s cold and wet outside, perfect weather for snuggling with a good book, a hot water bottle and a hot cup of tea.

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While reading this fabulous book about textiles from all over the world, I came across this unusual picture of a knitting shepherd on stilts. They are the traditional shepherds from the south west of France, they are called “echassiers”. I think they’re pretty cool…
Still reading this book about textiles,( it’s a very good introduction to different techniques), I’ve learned a lot, although I really do not have the time to do anything else than a simple tabby weave (it’s the simplest weave) and most definitely no time to resist-dye warp and weft (Ikat). I am truly amazed by the intricacies and the labour put in all these wonderful pieces of art. Now I’m starting the last part of the book, and I’m totally ravished. I adore appliqué and embroidery. The Chinese costumes top it all, there’s nothing more exquisite. To think that some of these costumes are for sale!

I haven’t seen the sunlight for a long while, it has been constantly stormy weather these past two weeks. This dates back to the pre-storm:

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My white hair keeps on growing, but I had to cut 30 cm, I was losing so much hair, it was horrible and all of this because of the constant plaiting. Now, it will stay loose, no matter how odd the henna looks.

I feel like making for myself a quilted coat with embroidered felted squares. I love the combination and it is something I have experimented with when I made my felted figurines and other items. It’d be quite a challenge though, but I can work on my squares from time to time, when I feel like it. Felt, if thick enough and properly made, can be warmer than a woven textile.

I started studying with Duolingo and I find it highly addictive! I’m brushing up my Spanish and German, and it also feels a bit easier being more committed to learn Chinese and Japanese. I find it very hard to not add any other language like Russian and Finnish, the choice is overwhelming. 

Last night, I had the most amazing dream, a big dream. I was taking the bus, the bus was full of students. We arrived in an old city which looked like Edinburgh. I came out with the other students and since it was just leisure time for me, I started to walk in the same direction as them. They were walking towards a castle where, I suppose, their school was. As I was walking, I was dancing to a symphonic music only I could hear. My movements were expressive of an ancient magic. And as is often the case when I fall into that state in my dreams, I started flying (I fell into …flying). I was flying over the ground, still dancing, still entranced by the music. I could understand everything, everything made sense. The girl in front of me turned back and saw me. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I told her she could fly too and that’s exactly what she did. The evening was descending on the city and the clouds were heavy with snow. I started flying higher, I wanted a glimpse of the castle. The landscape all around me was grandiose, pure Scottish moors all around, it was beautiful and as wild as Nature can be. Beautiful. And then I woke up. My beloved was cooking in the kitchen and I went to him to tell him about my dream. I told him I had reached Satori in my dreams. He was listening to an old live album by Lou Reed, but this album doesn’t actually exist. It was so beautiful. I listened to these old songs I thought I understood and felt, but I had been wrong. This time, I felt them in multiple dimensions, maybe 7! I don’t think he actually ever wrote these songs but I think Lou Reed was still writing music in the Otherworld and that’s where his concert took place. I had to go to work, so I went to my bedroom to quickly write my dream on my Facebook wall. “Last night, I had the most amazing dream, a big dream”.
And then, I truly woke up.
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