Greenman, Brooches and Soul Boat

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It’s been one week since Loki left for Faeryland. It’s difficult to overcome the wave of apathy that replaced the raw emotions, but I trust time will heal. Meanwhile, since I’m not inspired by jars of ashes, I made this altar to my little one and needle felted a figurine of him. From a distance, he looks exactly like him and this sight soothes my pain a little. The box will be filled with other little things. I’m glad I could felt, much love and tenderness went into its making. I made him plump and healthy again.


I did some glazing which turned out allright and painted for the first time some brooches with my new underglazes. Amaco makes them. They’re supposed to retain their colours at 1200 celcius but I’m a bit disappointed. I think some colours like purple, pink and red need to be “overdone”. At that point, after having invested so much in diverse materials, I get tempted to just paint my figurative ceramic pieces with oil paints. Seriously considering it… I guess, it’s allright if you use low-fire clays but mine’s a stoneware clay. Until now, all the underglazes I purchased, when fired at 1200, are just not satisfying. They either fade or darken. Until I get some low-fire paperclay, I’ll probably give a chance to oils and stick to Potter’s Choice glazes for the big items. I like oils, they’re nice on ceramic. And the ones I use dilute with water and dry pretty fast.


The Princess and the Goblin. I think they go well together. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite fairy tale.


Pixie revisited. With the new underglazes this time. Although they’re very nice to work with, what you see is not what you get in the end. I will use oils for my next brooches.


A little witch. Once a witch, always a witch.


I couldn’t make a witch without an owl, could I?


My favourite one. I love old boats. And rough seas. Imagine how nice and cosy it must be in its little cabin.


A goblin prince. I don’t think he’s much into princesses.


The roof of the tower on my own personal Soul Boat had broken so I wanted a replacement. And guess what? It doesn’t fit! I’ll make a house that’ll go with it (hopefully).

IMG_5078 IMG_5079 IMG_5082 IMG_5086 IMG_5094


A Soul Boat, which will be soon in my Esty store. Now the symbolism of the Soul Boat is quite strong. A friend of mine today mentioned the harmony of water (the sea which surrounds the boat) and the inner flame (the tealights you place inside) and it speaks to me. I also like the idea of the prow figure as a guardian of the Soul. And the fact that the boat symbolises adventures while the house with its cosy lights offer a peaceful retreat.

IMG_5072 IMG_5074

And a Greenman I did for a dear friend of mine. It will hang on a wall. I think the colours are beautiful.


  1. rebsreadingroom

    Beautiful altar, beautiful felted figurine. Beautiful figurative ceramic pieces. My favourite among the brooches is also the boat- I think the star at its prow cinched it for me.

    Time heals, slowly but surely. Glad to see you’re still making beautiful things :)

    -Rebbie ?

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, Rebbie, for your support! I’m glad you liked my new pieces!

  2. barbara

    Je pense beaucoup à toi et à Loki, il a eu une très belle vie même si la fin a été un peu difficile, j’espère qu’il est heureux maintenant et que cette pensée te fait du bien

    1. Kundry

      Merci Barbara! Il me manque terriblement mais je suis soulagée qu’il n’ait plus à endurer toute cette misère. J’ai le sentiment qu’il est bien entouré.

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