I got the chance to see some Northern Lights recently but it’s been mostly cloudy alas

We also got a lot of snow in February, it was fantastic!

The icicles sparkling in the moonlight. A great place to read on my tablet in my comfy chair with a hot water bottle and a cup of tea.

The way Home…

I’ve always been fascinated by robots. I love what is usually considered as a little boy’s universe, science fiction, robots and silly monsters. I suppose I never truly ditched my imaginary friends. And what great friends they are! Of course, it would be very unfair to compare them with our human friends, those are “inner friends” and they do have an advantageous vantage point. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with slave societies in Europe, reading a whole list of books on the subject. And I’ve also been obsessed with Raised by Wolves, the subtle and multi-layered series by Ridley Scott. It’s all connected somehow. Keeping it all at the right temperature in my Inner Athanor, my alchemist furnace…

This is a work in progress, it will be a little shop where you can buy robots made by this robot master on the right.

And look! The Liminal Orchestra from my Snowy Town paper diorama is in town! The poster is what inspired me the handmade book about Imagination I’m working on.

It’s been a while! I was caught up in the rhythm of going to work and then, being too tired to do anything, BUT I regained control over my life and I now get up every day at 5! I’m fully awake so that I can accomplish a lot of creative work before going to the working place.
When I will have finished the digital painting of the snowy town (still a long way to go), I would like to go back to my watercolours and make a series of pop-up books for my altar. I started to draft everything and I cleaned up my painting desk in order to start painting with my watercolours and pens, I am very excited to start this little handmade book!
I had to put aside my big encyclopedia about Humans(DK), I couldn’t stomach all the drawings of the organs and fluids. It made me feel queasy. I feel bad, I never put aside any of my encyclopedia, I read them from front to back. So I started another book about Quantum Physics. It’s actually my fifth (although not all the other books were specifically about quantum). I love that stuff. Although, I always end up thinking “… if you say so…”, it makes me feel like I’m on drugs or something. Just try to grasp this: “The more certain the position of a particle, the less is known about its momentum. The more certain the momentum of a particle, the less is known about its position”. And here I quote Werner Heisenberg : “We can never know anything”. BAM! In an odd and weirdly way, it brings me peace.

It’s that time of the year when the sun is coming back into my room and lights my altar, sending ripples of light through the room.

Meanwhile, I was full of good resolutions but when I came back from work, my Beloved had made a hazelnut tart. Had absolutely no other choice than to eat some. It was delicious.

Many beautiful dreams lately!

I had a wonderful dream last night, a dear friend from France was coming for a visit and brought with her a few of her friends. It was SO cosy!!! I felt understood and appreciated. A much needed dream after having been bullied at work by "nazi" customers. This dream was highly therapeutic. No dream is ever "only a dream".

Last night, I dreamed I had woken up in a hostel of some sort and at the breakfast table, there were 5 or 6 judgmental ladies whom I found it difficult to talk to, I could see they were uptight and disapproved of me on principle. I got irritated and stood up, looked at them, indignant and said : "Ok. You know you're dreaming, right?". They yelped horrified and disappeared with a "poof!". Now... that's better.

I dreamed last night I was going to work... on skis. I got up extra early since I had a long way to go. There was absolutely no one around and the snow was perfect. It was very special. It felt like a great adventure. Although I wouldn't do it in reality, it is 22 km one way!

Last night, I took the big leap for love. I dreamed I was on a mountain and I was trying to walk down. I arrived at the edge of a cliff at a height of a hundred meters or so and I realised with horror that my little Pixie didn't see the edge and plunged right into the ocean below. My beloved tried to stop me but I jumped. I fell a long way and dived into the depth of the ocean and swam frantically back to the surface, leaving my backpack to sink. As I was getting close to the surface, I could see my Pixie swimming, my heart soared with joy. I grabbed her and together we swam to the shore.