I dreamed that my employers had a farm area and they had captured a fox which they were going to kill. He was locked in one of the stables. I just couldn't stand the idea and I didn't care if they fired me, no fox would be killed under my watch. So I opened the latch and I asked the fox to follow me silently, which he did. We walked to a gate in the fence surrounding the property and I opened it for him. I knelled down and the fox on the other side put his front paw against my hand, he looked at me in the eye, it was beautiful. After that, I prepared myself to suffer the consequences. There were none. Sometimes, you also get away with ... good actions.

I made homemade chocolates. Difficult to restrict myself to one a day! Made with love and Callebaut Belgian chocolate (dark, milk and white), whole roasted nuts, dried raspberries, cocoa nibs and… glitter! Delicious with a Gyokuro tea.

Spinning is so Hygge. I enjoy it especially when I’m tired, it is so relaxing and peaceful. There is something hypnotic about it.

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