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Through the night, my Soul Boat sailed on the dark ocean. She knew the way to this mysterious Realm, for it is to her the way Home.

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And so began my first day in Hygge Pure Land

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Tiptoeing gracefully came Dawn, gently embracing Night, awakening the inhabitants of the town of Hygge from their wondrous dreams

My Soul Boat anchored in the harbour, I set foot on the pier and took in everything. The figurehead of my Soul Boat talked at length about this haven for gentle dreamers. She calls it the land of arts and delights. Here, Dreams run their natural courses, always searching for harmony.

Behind the dimly lit windows, people were enjoying the most important ritual of the day: Breakfast

Many kinds of people live in the Republic of Kindness.

Also humans and hybrids live here. But most surprisingly... Robots. They are loved as much as animals and pets. They have rights and tend to choose the person whom they want to work for. Some robot masters build robots. They work in complete secrecy and they are highly regarded as alchemists.