I started this diorama on the … 10th of August! It took 3 months! Not full time obviously but still, many, many hours a week. Overall, I’m quite pleased, it’s better than I thought it’d be, even though I had to restrict myself to just a few houses because of the lack of space on my walls. 
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Ideally, it would have been better without the camera shakes, but it’s not easy crawling on the bed while filming (especially with the dogs in the middle).

Maybe, I’ll take some pictures in the daylight but I kind of like the evening light. But for the moment, I think I’ll just sit in the Happy Witch’s tearoom, I’ve heard they have fabulous cakes.

This is my Troll hat for Halloween. It’s a paper diorama, with 4 led tealights in it. Trolls represent the wilderness, the mountains and they can transform into animals. There is no greater magic than troll’s magic, also because it is the most ancient. I love trolls. Wearing this hat is very special for me. It’s more than a Halloween costume. I mean it. It’s how I look like inside. Although, I’m a very young troll, but just give me several millions years, and I might become an awesome troll, shrewd, wise, with the most beautiful textures on my skin and countless spells up my sleeve. Wait and see…