I’ve been using my Dragon diorama as a night light, it’s so cosy . This snow dragon is my dream catcher.

I finished my Dragon pocket! It was fun! I incorporated six elements (on the left), a dragon shaman’s costume (center), and a maiden with a (mended) heart of gold (on the right). I’m eager to start something new but I might have to wait since I’m leaving soon, travelling to France where I will stay 10 days. Perhaps, it is time then to go back to digital painting for a little while.

My crafting place… tidied up. Today, I’m just reading and enjoying Black Forest tea and vanilla bean oil in the oil burner. So hygge…

My latest knitted snood. It goes so well with my Chinese coat. I used to be a Wednesday Adams, but now I’m more of a Enid Sinclair. Pixie is stealing the show as usual.